Work-Life Balance


The goal of this course is to deliver skills connected with putting into practice concepts of balanced personal and professional development of women Work-Life Balance. These skills consider such areas as:

  • Needs assessment and ability to define Work-Life Balance concepts.
  • Ability to set goals according to the Work-Life Balance.
  • Ability to judge efects of realization goals set according to the Work-Life Balance.
  • Implementacja w życiu / praktyczne wykorzystanie założeń w Work-Life Balance.



Basics of managing own development according to Work-Life Balance concepts


  • Personal beliefs
  • Social skills of women
  • Techniques of supprting the development of women
  • Development management – braking the resistance

workshop, lecture, exercises, and discussions

Personal beliefs in development management
  • Women’ mental barriers
  • The level of own skills
  • Recognizing own barriers and counteracting
  • Professional burnout

workshop, lecture, case study, exercises, and discussions

Managing development of women according to the Work-Life Balance – discussion, case study, creating own models
  • Social discord – changes in perceiving the role of women in society
  • Changes in perceiving the role of women in a family
  • The model of a fulfilled woman – fiction or reality?
  • High professional competences – a path to reach professional satisfaction for a woman
  • Arranging private time

workshop, lecture, case study, exercises, and discussions

Day 2

Training – sharing experiences
  • Differences in uderstanding the Work-Life Balance
    • Defining a situation
    • Defining own role
    • Refering to oneself
  • How to prevent professional burnout
workshop, lecture, case study, exercises, and discussions
The way of realizing goals set according to the Work-Life Balance
  • Building a goal according to diagnosis of a situation (problem)
    • Questions about the situation
    • Questions about self-evaluation
    • Questions about experience
  • Principles of building a goal
  • Searching for a solution
    • Questions about solution
    • Establishing Action Plan
  • Getting rid of bad emotions;
  • Calming down, relaxing, meditation – chosen ways to accomplish goals of Work-Life Balance

workshop, lecture, case study, exercises, and discussions

Principles of introducing Work-Life Balance concepts tools and exercises
  • The „Time Line” exercise
  • The „Circle of life”/„Circle of values” exercise
  • Establishing personal values and organizational values in a workplace
  • The map of current situation and key needs in pricate and professional life
  • How to use Work-Life Balance to increase effectiveness in a workplace
  • Difficult situations in applying Work-Life Balance concepts
workshop, lecture, case study, exercises, and discussions


  • Effectiveness Model
    •  – how we would like to tart to behave
    •  – how we would like to stop to behave
    •  – which behaviors we would like to keep
  • Conclusions
    • On personal level
    • On organizational level

workshop, discussion, and summary

After the workshop

  • Understanding own goals and needs, conscious self-management in private and professional life. Reducing the level of frustration and increasing personal effectiveness that will improve work quality and effectiveness.
  • Understanding that work is an integral part of our life and that achieving harmony on this field gives positive results in the scope of motivation, creativity, and quality of professional relations and atmosphere in a workplace.
  • Understanding that keeping balance between professional and private life prevents from being a spent force.
  • Practical ability to reconcile private and professional life.


To all concerned with this topic


Certified Trainer

Additional remarks

This course takes place in the afternoons.

Methods of the course performing

  • Stimulation methods (brain storm, case study, snowball sampling, simulation games, debate, round table method, psychological game);
  • Various working methods – in groups, pairs, individual, in front of the class;
  • Additional visual aids (movies, presentations)
  • Learn more about methodology used by CI ProLearning.

Participants of our courses receive

  • analysis of training needs
  • sample training (on customer’s request)
  • an organized course and trainer assistance
  • teaching materials
  • catering during brakes (coffee, tea, biscuits)
  • lunch (vegetarian or traditional meals – smorgasbord)
  • certificate of the course completion
  • free e-mail consultancies with the instructor up to two weeks after the end of the course
  • tests after the course to asses participants knowledge after completing the course (on customer’s request)

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