W-2 – W-2 Effective Vindication – Vindication – advanced level


–       Improving the skill of analysing a relation with a


–       Improving the skill of communicating with a Debtor

–       Enhancing the knowledge of the process of vindication

–       Improving the skill of coping with difficult situations

–       Enhancing the skill of self-control in relations with

a Debtor

–       Improving the skill of exerting influence


– Employees of sales, finance, accountancy and control departments whose duties include vindication

– Employees of law firms who deal with phone vindication

– Employees of vindication firms



Certified Trainer


1.   Vindication

games – diagnosis of the process of vindication over long-term relations with a Client

– Diagnosis of Debtor-Vindicator games – or what happens when a Client stops paying

– Emotional games of Debtors – ”One two three victim chooses YOU”

– Prevention of games – or how to avoid manipulation in a relation with a Debtor

2.   Diagnosis

of a Debtor – psychology in a vindicator’s work

– Styles of reaction of Debtors

– ”To name a thing adequately” – adjusting communication strategy to a type of a Debtor

3.   Techniques

of exerting influence

– Conscious choice of behaviour in a contact with a


– Vindication tricks in the process of reclaiming debt

– Overview of armament or arguments in a vindicator’s work

– Conflicts? Quarrels? Problems? – defining a difficult situation as a strategy of controlling a conversation

– Vindicatory questions – as a tool of exerting influence

4.   Assertiveness

in a vindicator’s work – myth or reality?

– Appointing boundaries in a vindicator’s work

– Diagnosis of one’s own style or reacting in difficult situations

– Diagnosis of style of reaction in a conflict situation

Diagnosis of one’s own skills useful in the process of


Particular exercises will be completed with building one’s own competent Vindicator profile. Participants will define strong and weak sides of vindicators’ behaviours, observed during games and simulations. Participants will later use the knowledge they acquire in the diagnosis of one’s own developmental profile, defining developmental fields in which they should improve themselves. At the end of the course, we can offer you individual meetings with each of participants of the course. The goal of the meeting would be to discuss results obtained in the developmental profile and to give feedback from a trainer. Individual meetings would last for 20-30 minutes.

Participants of our courses receive:

  • organized course and trainer
  • tests that check the level of participants’ knowledge and skills in order to select a group of people on similar level (on customer’s wish)
  • didactic materials, including script suitable to specified level
  • individual computer post for each of the course participants
  • catering during brakes (coffee, tea, biscuits)
  • lunch (vegetarian or traditional meals – smorgasbord)
  • a CD with a set of exercises after the course completion
  • certificate of the course completion
  • free consultancies with a lecturer up to 14 days after the course completion
  • tests that check the level of participants’ knowledge and skills after the training completion (on customer’s wish)

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