Leadership Development Training


The aim of the course is to complement by managers the necessary knowledge to correctly conduct tasks at a current job position and to create opportunities for further knowledge, skill and competence development.


This course is intended for managers, leaders, team leaders, and everyone interested in the topic of leadership development.


Business trainers cooperating with Centrum Innowacji ProLearning use professional approach, openness to course participants’ needs and a great proficiency of their activities.

They translate their professional experience into the effective conducting of classes and adequate selection of methodology.

Centrum Innowacji ProLearning is proud to introduce their team of experts who guarantee satisfaction and development of new competences of the participants.


Stage 1

Diagnosis of Needs

Methods used in the Analysis of Training Needs:

1.   Talks with employees / superiors

2.   Surveys/ Questionnaires for the participants of a planned course

3.   Analysisof values, missions, visions, systems of employee assessment etc.

Stage 2

6 training days divided into 3 two-day modules (1 module at most in a month, each of them 2 days long).

Essential scope of particular modules:

Module 1

Building a leader’s authority:

–  implementing a new role,

–  leading a first meeting with a new team,

–  shaping a motivational working environment (management styles for promoting such environment),

–  elaborating one’s own style of cooperation with a team.

Leadership communication:

–  ways of transferring information,

–  communicating emotionally difficult decisions,

–  communicating changes

–  loyalty towards a company vs. loyalty towards a team

Module 2

1.   Managing a team:

◦  taking into account managing teams that work in a matrix organization structure with the aspects of intercultural differences,

2.   Resolving conflicts in a team:

◦  shaping the attitude of independence and employee responsibility

◦  exerting influence on a team and an individual,

3.   Managing difficult employees:

◦  motivating an employee individually, employee assessment, personality types,

4.   Role of a manager in development support:

◦  supporting effectiveness of a team,

◦  performance management,

◦  managing employee expectations.

SUPPLEMENT – available options

Option available only in case of a course in the 2nd module in the Sudety mountains.

Under the course we offer the option of practical development of teamwork skills.

It is a surprise for the participants. Together with the trainer they travel by bus to the post-Hitler adits where 45 meters underground they visit 1700 meters of underground corridors (and sail a boat,walk through a suspension bridge) and additionally fulfil tasks requiring a teamwork. Then, the group goes for a surprise-dinner – at the spot they go through a rope park trail (managed by GOPR rescuers) and 'earn’ their supper in a group. After earning a sufficient amount of points, they can independently capture their supper (trout catching). Trout will be served with side dish. The group returns around 10 p.m.

Module 3

1.   Strategic thinking

2.   Taking over difficult business tasks

3.   Contacts with other business clients:

–  email communication,

–  maintaining partner relation in problem situations,

–  effective convincing skills

–  cooperation with people with higher management positions

4.   Negotiation rules for business partners

–  Effective alliance negotiation

–  Ensuring realization of growingly challenging business goals

3rd Stage Summary:

–  individual for course participants + individual feedback

–  for a company with subsequent developmental steps


workshop + laboratory

Participants of the course receive

◦  analysis of training needs

◦  sample training (on customer’s request)

◦  an organized course and trainer’s assistance

◦  teaching materials

◦  catering during breaks (coffee, tea, biscuits)

◦  lunch (vegetarian or traditional meals –  smörgåsbord)

◦  certificate stating the completion of the course

◦  free email consultancies with the instructor up to two weeks after the end of the course

◦  post-course tests to assess participants’ knowledge after completing the course (on customer’s request)


Stage 1 – 2 days – no charge

Stage 2 – Module 1 – 2 days – net 15 000 PLN / group

Stage 2 – Module 2 – 2 days – net 15 000 PLN / group

Stage 2 – Module 3 – 2 days – net 15 000 PLN / group

Stage 3 – 2 days – no charge

* Stages 1 and 3 of the Leadership Development

Training are not charged and are included in the featured valuation of the investment. Estimated duration of one stage: 2 days.

** In Module 2 in case of realizing the option of the trip to the Sudety mountains, you are obliged to place additional payment of net 5000 PLN for a group.

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