Mentoring is directed at managers and leaders. People on managerial posts and these who are on their way to become managers and are willing to develop consciously on certain planes.

5 differences between Coaching and Mentoring

In current reality, when one needs to continuously self-develop and train one’s skills, more and more platforms and possibilities of self-development is being created. Help and progress monitoring by third parties is becoming indispensable. Not only a teacher or a psychologist can monitor student’s or employee’s progress. Nowadays, mentors and coaches are becoming more and more popular. It is good to clarify and distinguish their roles and essence of mentoring and coaching, which are often consider equivalent. In fact, they are not.

Basic differences between mentoring and coaching are presented below:

1.       A coach is a profession, mentor is not.

2.       A young and inexperienced person can be a coach. In order to be a mentor one need to have a proper experience and knowledge, be a person that other place confidence in.

3.       Mentor is a teacher, coach is not.

4.       In the coaching process, the interested person needs to reach and recognize a proper way of development. A coach is only an invisible hand that is to help to choose the best path. Customer makes decision individually and consciously. In the mentoring process a mentor gives all his/her knowledge and experience to the interested person and guides him / her in a proper direction.

5.       A coach asks questions in the process of cooperation in order to guide a customer, opposite to the mentoring process.  Questions are asked by the interested individual and answered by experienced mentor – teacher.

As one can see, opposite to what is commonly held, Mentor and Coach have two different roles, despite of the fact that both of them help their charges to make their development complex and effective.

We encourage you to familiarize with details of our mentoring program within the Wroclaw University of Economics project “Kuźnia Kadr”, with CI ProLearning as one of actively acting parties within the mentor personnel.

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