In House Training


A lot of organizations face the following dilemmas:

  • lack of proper amount of employees to prepare dedicated work
  • open trainings are unable to solve problems of a certain department or group of employees
  • too big investment in terms of money and time

which often lead to refrain from actions in the form of traditional trainings which affect employees’ performance and the entire organization as well.

What do we offer?

In House Training which is a perfect solution for single employees who would like to develop their competences and skills based on experience of the trainer – coach.

It is a process based on the idea of coaching designed as one on one style of work. The result is a very fast development of skills ready to utilize immediately, thanks to increased involvement of trainer and participant in the training process.

Who is it directed at?

In House Training is a perfect solution for employees on various posts, from entry-level workers to higher-level employees.

What distinguishes In House Training?

  • it does not eliminate an employee from performing everyday duties
  • it guarantees adjustment of the tempo of work and program to employee’s possibilities
  • individual approach to an employee
  • training in real work conditions
  • it gives possibility to verify results immediately

Additional benefits:

  • possibility to monitor approach and commitment to work
  • no disruptions in communication between participant, trainer, and employer
  • lower costs than the ones associated with training the entire group of employees
  • duration is adjusted to individual needs of participant

Customer reviews

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Complaints and conflict situations handling


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Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu


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Lower Silesia Social Policy Center


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