About us

Centrum Innowacji ProLearning, ProLearning for Business is training and advisory center that specializes in professional courses in the scope of advanced IT technologies.

Our mission is to support development of our customers according to their values by using our rich and long-lasting experience and high potential of our company. We want to build a positive organizational culture that is geared towards the atmosphere of mutual trust.


Values that guide our actions are as follows:

o   Flexibility – our customer’s business need is the most important therefore we approach every order individually and creatively through the entire training process.

o   Ethics – we are geared towards respect and honesty towards our customers and business partners. We diligently evaluate every training process.

o   Effectiveness – it is a key to successful training, measured by parameters established during its preparations.

Expertise – quality of our services is our main concern when preparing a complex offer. We work with authorized providers and trainers, our original solutions are based on long-lasting experience and  practice.

Scope of activity

Performing advisory and education services in the scope of project, process management and business processes is basic subject of the company’s activity. CI ProLearning for Business specializes in performing complex projects based on customers’ business needs and the use of innovative technologies and systems.

Scope of activity

·         Mastering courses that widen competences;

·         Advisory, implementations;

·         Participation in research and academic projects

Elements of  CI ProLearning for Business education offer:

·         Project and proces management;

·                     IPMA

·                     Prince 2

·                     PIM

·                     Methodology Mix – best practices

·                     ITIL

·         Business courses:

Ø  Competences of managers

o   Talent management

o   Effective team management

o   Motivating and developing employees – training of involvement building

o   Employee appraisal

o   Intercultural management

o   Change management

o   Managing a virtual team

o   Building cooperation and managing a team


Ø  Sales and customer service

o   Professional debt collecting conversation

o   Complaint management

o   Professional customer service

o   Innovative approach to sales


Ø  General competences

o   Effective interpersonal communication

o   Time management. Personal efficiency.

o   Stress management

o   Training for trainers

o   Professional presentation and public speeches with elements of building one’s image and contacts with media

Additionally, CI ProLearning actively cooperates with Wrocław University of Economics as leading partner in the scope of designing and performing academic research, Lower Silesian managers of the SME sector.


Methodology that we use during our courses is compatible with global requirements. Workshop method of performing our courses connect theoretical part with practical workshops. Content of performed courses is completely adjusted to participants’ needs.

According to expectations, we leave our customer the choice between standard training, which was drew up according to the CI ProLearning methodology, and a profiled course with a dedicated program. We assure professional, complete training process with all important factors taken under consideration (needs & goals assessment, establishing the subject of a course, participants, location & instructors selection, preparing training materials, course coordination, course evaluation). Our offer also includes professional advisory services.

We carry out research and analysis of individual training needs of participants and company. We gather information needed by a solid cooperation between customer company’s HR / training department, other managers and the course instructor. We determine participants’ knowledge and attitude, training goal and program, desired methodology. By a suitable method of collecting information (documentation analysis, observation, FGI, conversations – interviews, brainstorming, surveys) we can select the most suitable methods to perform the training that satisfy both participants and customer company’s managers in order to improve effectiveness of the organization.

We provide highly-qualified instructors with knowledge, skills and predispositions suitable to the performed training project. We guarantee high efficiency of our courses thanks to a wide range of training methods, chosen according to participants’ needs and the training goal.


During our trainings we take under consideration specificity of adult learning. We help them gaining new competences by enabling to exchange experiences between participants, using training methods that integrate and stimulate the course group, contrasting theory with their professional practice, showing practical solutions of knowledge and skills gained. By creating the atmosphere of acceptance and kindness, we make learning not only effective but easy. We take care about the feeling of cooperation in the training process and participants motivation. This has a positive effect on transforming the knowledge gained into positive change in participants’ attitude.

To determine training profits, we carry out the measure of training effectiveness and analyze it in four dimensions: reaction, learning, behavior, and scores. First level – reaction is the research of participants’ satisfaction and opinions directly during and after the course. Testing the level of learning checks the level of participants’ knowledge after the course. Testing the level of behavior (positive change of participants’ attitude in everyday life) requires observations carried out in the workplace. For an effective training on this level additional conditions must be met. First and second during the training, the rest in participants’ job:

  • Participant wants to change oneself.
  • Participant must know the way and goal of own work.
  • Participant must work in friendly atmosphere.
  • Participant should be rewarded for each positive change.

On the level of evaluation, after previous research and analysis, we present the measurable effects that arise for the customer company. According to the type of a training, we select suitable evaluation method. During a course we take under consideration following methods:

  • exercise analysis,
  • behavior analysis,
  • practical tests and demonstrations,
  • summaries.

in the end of a course:

  • evaluation tests (they check the level of knowledge),
  • discussions,
  • demonstrations,
  • exercises observations.

after course completion:

  • manager observations and evaluation,
  • instructor observations and evaluation,
  • surveys filled in by participants and managers,
  • conversations led by managers and instructor,
  • extreme events analysis,
  • comparative tables.

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